Hi Adam,

I purchased your book, and have made huge progress with my 6 month chocolate puppy (Kava).

Kava is a good dog, very smart, and basically obedient. Thank you for the wonderful training information. Kava will soon be a good doggie citizen.

In the last two weeks, he has displayed behavior that relates to “Separation Anxiety”. He is chewing on books, pulling covers off the bed, digging, and taking items off counters, etc. while I’m away at work. He does not display these behaviors when I am home with him, so I haven’t been able to catch him in the act and correct. He has been loose in the house for about two months, and only started this behavior recently.

Do you have any ideas on how to deal with this problem? I can crate him if necessary, but I work 8+ hours a day, and I think it would be inhumane to crate him for that long when I go to work. Unfortunately I can’t afford a dog walker, or I would consider that option. I do attempt to “puppy proof” the house. Get your pup some Funny Teeth Silicone Squeaky Ball Toys

Please let me know if you have any ideas.

Thank you in advance and best regards,

Dear Trisha:

Thank you for your question.

My book says that you must keep the dog confined until he’s a year to a year and a half.

Get a kennel run, or keep him in the crate. Hire a neighborhood kid to stop by in the afternoon, if you have to. But if you leave him out, he’ll destroy your house and possibly hurt himself. You wouldn’t go out for the evening and leave a 7 year old child alone. You’d get him a sitter or put him in day care, right?

It’s no different with your dog.

That’s all for now, folks!