Monthly Archive:: December 2021

The Benefits of Dog Play Groups

If you are an owner of a dog, then you probably know that they need lots of exercise. They also need socializing to be happy and well adjusted members of society. One way to do both is by joining your pup in some playgroups! Get some cotton plush toys for your dog here. Playgroups are […]

Rustic Bird Houses

Birds that nestle in tree cavities will as well nestle in wood birdhouses. Birdhouses protect birds and conjugated on a few well-stocked feeders, they’ll find refuge and protection in the amenities from your backyard/garden. Reciprocally, they’ll add your yard/garden to aliveness on blinks of color, fantastic birdcalls also as a few casual amusing. Birdhouses accessible […]

Stop Your Dog from Chasing Things

Does your dog chase things – cars, bikes, animals and other people? Apart from being a nuisance this could also be dangerous, both for the dog and the person or thing being chased. If it should be a child its chasing then the child could well be terrified enough to do something stupid like run […]